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2019-7-31 17:08:23


  With the development and continuous maturity of 5G and the enhancement of ideal technology, new possibilities are brought. The scope of game audience and population structure are undergoing more drastic changes, and a comprehensive innovation of the global game industry is coming. Game headhunters look at the development trend of the game industry.


  5G Promotes Mobile Game Development


  This is one of the greatest prospects for 5G wireless technology. Once the entire infrastructure is built and running smoothly, we no longer need cables to transmit data. Everything can move, and the speed is very fast and the delay is very low. This is similar to the "last mile" processing plan, which can directly provide users with comprehensive connectivity services from the network, we can completely leave the cable and wall plugs and sockets.



  And what does that mean for gamers? The invisible delays also allow the full potential of mobile games to be exploited. From 4G to 5G, it means that we can reduce the current 10 millisecond delay to less than 1 millisecond. This is definitely a special improvement, especially for shooting or games with higher latency requests.

  像PUBG Mobile和《堡垒之夜》这样的游戏开发商,算是第一批涉足手机市场的公司,但5G的呈现意味着整个挪动市场游戏开发非得最大障碍之一将被彻底消弭。依据目前的进度来看,一切的一切估计将在2021年到来。而手机游戏体验的显著改好心味着,过去十年手机游戏市场爆炸性增长,与将来的增速相比,其实算是微乎其微的。

  Game developers like PUBG Mobile and Fortress Night are among the first to enter the mobile phone market, but the presence of 5G means that one of the biggest obstacles to game development in the mobile market will be completely eliminated. Based on the current progress, everything is expected to come in 2021. The significant improvement of mobile game experience means that the explosive growth of mobile game market in the past ten years is actually negligible compared with the future growth rate.


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  VR and AR Begin to Play Potential


  The emergence of a powerful 5G network has greatly enhanced the experience of Enhancing Ideal (AR) and Virtual Ideal (VR) games, helping to make real changes to this technology and influencing the global game market. Although we have experienced so-called immersive games, and some content inventors, developers and early users who are willing to eat fresh have similar experiences, there is still a long way to go.


  5G network provides high network speed, ultra-low latency and high bandwidth, which can make the experience of AR and VR technology more seamless, and ultimately provide a close link between consumers'needs, aspirations and quality games.


  At the same time, with the constant innovation of hardware and software, the enhancement of ideals and virtual ideals is also constantly improved, from computing ability to components, tactile technology to improved machine learning and deep learning model to provide power for immersive ideals, and the enhancement of ideals and virtual ideals is also constantly improved.


  At the same time, this is part of the reason behind the huge growth of AR, VR products and services in the global game industry. This trend is expected to continue until 2022, when it is expected to achieve a five-year compound annual growth rate of 69.6%.


  Game audiences have changed


  Although adult males continue to be the main audience in the game category, these traditional users will soon be surpassed by more types of other players. Usually, the global video game industry has been diversified. Games are developed for every age class and user. Among them, 48% of women play games, while only 50% of men play games. Although many women have historically been reluctant to call themselves "gamers", the proportion is rising year by year.


  But even non-traditional gamers are beginning to actively participate, and the improvements in AR and VR offer great opportunities for wholesale stores and developers to apply gameplay. Their goal is to attract consumers to shop by offering different incentives and discounts to shoppers who interact with corporate game content and competitions.


  At the same time, the game has become a truly global action, which separates streaming video services, social media and sports and other elements together, and has absorbed a large number of fanatical and loyal audiences worldwide. With the growing maturity of advertising, funding and competitors, the revenue of the global e-sports industry is growing rapidly. It is estimated that in 2019 it will reach the range of $1.1 billion, an increase of 27% over last year.


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